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Zalza is an affordable organic fashion brand for teens and kids in the age group of 9 to 21. The store design scheme is conceptualized around the ethos of ‘presenting organic fashion in a fun way’


This design scheme is defined in a palette of wood, fabric panels and pop colors to create a visually engaging store environment. Installations like the ‘fun cotton tree’, the ‘kaleidoscopic cotton fabric wall’ and the ‘brand speak wall’ present a compelling narration of the brand story and instagrammable opportunities in the store for its young visitors.Visual Merchandising adds a lot of physical cues in the store with fun props that use natural materials, such as cup-cakes, candy bunches and cotton packing crates. Overall, the store design and visual merchandising elements come together to deliver a fun and differentiated brand experience of Zalza for the young organic clothing fashionistas.