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The primary objective of the new flagship concept was to strengthen William Penn as ‘A destination for premium men’s’ accessories and pens offering a curated collection of premium brands and products in an updated experiential environment spread over 2500 square feet.


The store design concept was created to deliver and engaging experience of a ‘premium gallery of lifestyle accessories’ in an environment that personified the brand’s leadership and rich legacy in the segment.

The ‘story’ is introduced in the BRAND GALLERY at the double height store entrance with a quote from the brand’s founder. This is complemented with imagery and display of limited-edition pens and accessories. This is followed by the PEN GALLERY where all the pen brands are presented in wall and floor vitrines for ease of browsing, selecting and deciding on the purchase. This leads to the ACCESSORIES GALLERY where an array of premium brands features their stylized wares using imagery communication and mechanized demo displays. Adjacent to the pens is the INK BAR where the luxurious art using fountain pens can be experienced on a special writing table. The STATIONERY STATION features a curated assortment of premium stationery. Attention to a SERVICE BAR, featured prominently at the rear of the store, is drawn with a bold color palette and a backlit ceiling with a motivational quote. Featured in that area is omni-channel access, personalization, a testimonial wall to leave a note on your experience in the store and the billing station. A RELAX ZONE overlooking the store front enables customers to have a quiet break with a hot cup of coffee or attend an event by invitation.