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Studio Pepperfry is a concept store & furniture design studio that showcases curated range of furniture & cutting-edge furniture designs. Having started as an online store, today it is an omni-channel retailer. Studio Pepperfry is for people who are comfortable in their own skin, take their homes seriously and see their homes as a reflection of their personality.

The brand brief was to reimagine the store environment to be updated to the new consumer’s experience expectations in terms of inspiring presentation and consultative engagement.


The store design and visual merchandising use a modern eclectic signature to stage a unique setting to feature the brand’s curated assortment of furniture, décor and consultative omni-channel service. Mannequins and props are used in the store to augment the storytelling in visual merchandising.  Eclectic ensembles showcase the diverse design stories of the brand’s merchandise assortment.

Special attention is given to the boutique accent lighting in the storefront and the interiors to draw attention to the different architectural highlights and staging of product clusters across the store.