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Sri Krishna Sweets banner



Sri Krishna Sweets is a leading South Indian sweet manufacturer looking to reimagine its retail environment concept to stay relevant to the times in the context of its rich heritage of specialization in premium sweets and savories.


The store concept, created in a compact space of 540 square feet, is inspired from traditional Chettinadu architecture and culture in terms of the forms, materials, and patterns. The traditional pattern inspired from ‘kollam’, a form of traditional decorative art, is used as a signature in the design concept.  The store front is made up of Kalinga stone with traditional engravings and router cut metal work to create a great setting for the in-lit branding and imagery. The store fixtures are made of solid polished wood and wood finish metal, brass and painted wood pattern inlays. Wooden shelves and wall paneling are created with elements that celebrate the brand’s long rich tradition. The center of attraction is a traditional ‘swing’ new arrival museum counter that features their most popular sweets. This is made of polished solid wood, patterned inlays, brass finished chain links complemented with glass pendant light fixtures painted to be impressions of temple bells. A digital screen is incorporated in the main feature wall behind the billing counter to play content about their sweet making process. The flooring and ceiling, embellished with features and patterns inspired from traditional architecture, complete the immersive story of tradition of the brand.