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We believe in creating design solutions that endeavour to make this world a better place for people, businesses and the environment.

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To create a consultative lifestyle environment that enables customers to experience all the tenets of the brand’s premium and specialized services and solutions.


The concept strategy is to present a ‘MODERN STUDIO’ that highlights the brand’s offerings and its technical expertise.An innovatively angled and designed main signage ensures high visibility and unmistakable identity for the store’s specialization for the destination, located challengingly on the upper floor.At the ‘BRAND INTRO ZONE’ a brand wall tells the brand story in a ‘home page’ like installation in a relaxing quirky tone.At the ‘BRAND DIALOGUE ZONE’ feature well organized and presented swatches and samples and a discussion lounge designed like a modern premium bar that the target segment is comfortable with.The ‘DEMO ZONE’ is created to be re-stageable for different concepts settings as and when required.