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To consolidate, update and upgrade its brand experience, Somany set-out to reimagine its experience center concept.The mandate for the design of the Experience Center was to curate an immersive environment that portrays the leadership, distinction and excellence of Somany Tiles in this segment.


The store design concept was imagined around the theme of an “Aspirational gallery of design innovations”.A unique architectural language using construction materials like rough stone, chipboard and RCC rods with gold finished binding wire is used to represent the start of something beautiful in constructing a dream. This language is taken into large customized fabric pendant lights that feature Somany’s luxury tile prints on them.The customer journey is designed to start at a brand ‘concierge zone’ where the evolution of brand Somany Tiles and the philosophy they have stood for is presented in an inspiring phy-gital wall , deconstructed tile materials, imagery printed on tiles and stylized tile tool installations help tell the story of the brand.Design inspired lifestyle cues are integrated in the environment through visual merchandising using installation of 250 green glass bottles, trowels, mallets, grout floats and tile nippers.he experience is enhanced using technology in a remote touchpad controlled wet shower area, an interactive tile display zone, a designer’s phy-gital discussion lounge and a Tile Masters table where customers can master the art of laying Somany Tiles.