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To create an experience center for premium cars to be applied the coating in an aspirational environment that justifies the super-premium positioning of the brand.


The concept is a ‘FUTURISTIC CAR LOUNGE that presents and enables a luxurious customer’s journey that is associated with prestige of owning premium luxury cars.The space is zones into 3 clear zones with different engagement mandates – Arrival, Service and Crew Zone.The brand logo’s hexagonal pattern is used as the key signature form in the environment and is interpreted in lighting and environmental graphics across the experience center.At the ARRIVALarea a modern sculptural reception counter and surfaces integrated with linear lighting and a stylized furniture.The SERVICE area is designed in contemporary lines unlike a usual ‘workshop’.The CREW are is an office with a convenient access from the Pamper area designed in a clean and modern format and keep out of sight from the rest of the store.HDF painted panels with inlay of smart geometric angled linear lighting are complemented with similar patterns on the ceiling.The ceiling design is an important aspect in the design concept with back lit soft ceiling panels and spiral ducts that are coordinated.Lighting is key to creating the futuristic environment with a combination of spot, linear, embedded, cove, ambient and patterned configured lights.