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MI HOME – 2021


The primary objective of the new experience center concept was to change the brand perception of MI from ‘personal electronics’ to ‘smart home electronics.
The secondary objective was to differentiate brands MI, positioned as ‘premium lifestyle tech’ and RedMI, positioned as ‘young and affordable’, in the store presentation.


The store design concept was based on creating an engaging environment that delivered ‘an experience of the future of smart living’. To enable this, the large product portfolio of the brand was organized into solution clusters. The ‘CONNECT’ zone featured all the phones, laptops and travel accessories. This was followed by the ‘IoT’ zone in the heart of the store that demonstrated this capability in a selected cluster of products. The ‘SERVICE ZONE’, offerings an omnichannel station, coffee, a chat area and billing, was positioned as the fulcrum for the store in terms of experience to validate the store’s positioning. The ‘ENTERTAIN’ zone followed featuring smart TVs in a living room inspired setting. This led to the ‘SMART ME’ zone that featured their range of smart luggage, personal accessories, apparel and footwear presented on stylized mannequins. The ‘SMART HOME’ zone positioned in the rear was designed to draw visitors into it to experience smart lighting, home appliances, air purifiers and work from home essentials. The distinction between MI and RedMI was done using colors in the visual merchandising and fixtures. Overall, the store palette was derived from its new brand identity and product portfolio and interpreted in the environment to create a futuristic lifestyle setting that delivered an enhanced experience for its new smart home electronics portfolio.