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To keep pace with new-age customer expectations, LKS Gold House wanted to reimagine its brand experience by updating and upgrading its store experience with a new store design and presentation concept.


The new store design concept is based on the core design ethos of LKS Gold Haven – the craftsmanship of innovatively blending traditional and contemporary styles. This is interpreted in the store architecture and in using a palette of very selective materials and finishes that are rendered in clean contemporary forms accented with traditional embellishments. Special collections are highlighted with mood windows in wall presentations. The Exclusive Diamond level is presented in a luxurious boutique setting. The lighting concept consists of tunable LED lights which can be remotely controlled to change the light setting, warm white for gold and bright white for diamond. Technology and digital engagement are integrated in the store design as well. A jewellery service lounge on the second features a gold ‘karigar’.The building façade uses traditional layering principle used in jewellery design to create a stunning signature face for the brand.