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We believe in creating design solutions that endeavour to make this world a better place for people, businesses and the environment.

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To create a consultative lifestyle environment that enables end consumers and influencers to be inspired, educated and engage with the brand’s specialized products and solutions in an immersive experience.


The store entrance area is designed to INSPIRE and EDUCATE consumers about the innovative possibilities from the dominant range of products offered by the brand.

  • The ‘Know your veneers’ zone is a setting of a phy-gital catalogue and display of applications of veneers.
  • A concierge desk is crafted from a full-sized tree log with bark which is segmented, in-lit and encased in a museum case seen in art galleries.
  • The SHOW ZONE panels allow visitors to effortlessly pull a range of over 400 full sheet veneer options out and rotate it to see it in full length.
  • The DEMO ZONE features a lounge area facing the demo wall lined with water jets (with a concealed drain system) that wet the selected raw veneer sheet, a requirement to see the finished surface.
  • Veneer clad masks and mannequin are impeccably clad in veneer adorn the store.
  • A center table crafted, a veneer panels ceiling and a twisted panel installation demonstrates applicational properties in complex surfaces.
  • A back-lit installation of a translucent ‘Flitch’, a thin slice of veneer demonstrates precision of manufacture.