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The brand had recently set out to update its brand proposition to be in step with the new age ambitions of their core consumers by creating products and a shopping experience that ‘cloaks them in confidence that inspires them to keep winning’.The new brand identity and attitude of ‘burning drive’ is carried on the wings of the powerful ‘firebird’ and this needed to be interpreted in the experience of the store.


The store concept was curated to present each of these fashion concepts in their own distinct language addressing different life goals and related by the common DNA of Blackerrys. The overall store concept design concept is inspired from a ‘Smart Business Café’ rendered through architecture, materials palette and visual merchandising that come together to create a unified and distinct store design signature that cues the ‘keep rising’ story.The spatial palette is created in a sharply contrasting premium palette of creams and dark classic brown with dashes of blackberrys accent orange. The spacious layout allows for leisure browsing through the store with each category being highlighted with floor ‘fashion staging point’ complemented with ‘style spots’. Inspiring in-store ‘brand speak’ communication urge the blackberrys man to keep rising in every walk of his life. A boutique lighting concept presents the store environment as premium and special social place.