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Baazar Kolkata


Founded in 2002, Baazar Kolkata, is one of the pioneers and established value retail chains in Eastern India. Their offerings boast of a wide assortment of fashion, home décor and utility products for men, women and kids at great value pricing. To get bigger and better in the value retail game, evoke positive feelings and resonate with their target customers then decided to deliver a superior consumer experience with a new retail identity offering an updated product line at unbeatable sharp pricing. The brand launched its 125th store spread over 12000 square feet across 3 levels with a new store identity and updated visual merchandising at Shyambazar, Kolkata.

The store design was created on the core tenets of building Credibility Convenience and Clarity for the brand. Credibility was delivered using physical branding with the use of brand signature colors, patterns and forms across a bold new façade and store environment. Convenience was delivered using a customer centric layout, category zoning, fixturing and lighting to enable convenient circulation and access to all the categories offered by the store. Clarity of the offerings in terms of suggestive fashion narratives was delivered with defined fashion window locations, modular mannequin clusters for each floor, defined planograms and infographics to highlight unique features and prices of products. A centrally controlled slim video wall at the cash counter helped deliver dynamic messaging.