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The core points to be considered in the environment design were to keep the Allen Solly ‘STAG’ as the center of the brand universe. The brand personality was defined to have design sensibilities of Modern British with essence of tradition. The brand’s purpose was defined to “Bring happiness by experimenting fearlessly”


The store’s design concept included some key visual cues inspired from British traditions, interpreted in modern design language.The environment is created in a casual but sophisticated design language inspired from the architectural cues of London with a material palette of warm wood, white bricks, blue paneling and neutral greys. The store front has two concepts of window presentation – the mannequin cluster and the merchandising elevation system. The former allows the presentation of a look in a mannequin cluster on podium and the latter is a vertical and flexible beam system that allows elevated display of product stories. Wallpaper with the brand mnemonic complemented with framed product stories help create the scene.The lighting in the store is a boutique type with a combination of accent and ambient complemented with decorative lighting fixtures that add to the modern British positioning of the brands environment.