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The key objective was to create a pop-up store that could offer a true representation of brand abof.com in a compact space.The brand experience objective was to integrate the abof.com UX at that offline touchpoint and drive brand awareness through compulsive customer engagement and create a recognizable signature personality.


The pop-up store was conceptualized keeping in mind 3 Key brand values of abof.com – High Fashionability, High Visibility and High Accessibility.The first, High Fashionability, was delivered on a highlighted runway like platform with the fashion offerings presented on stylized mannequins and boutique like hang-rails. Brand marcom graphics and imagery added the fashion quotient to the whole presentation and also brought consistency in brand speak across its offline and online channels.
The second, High Visibility, was achieved by designing a 5-sided store visibility from its four sides and the rooftop in the busy mall.
Lastly, High Accessibility was achieved by creating a ‘wall-less’ store meant to be completely transparent and accessible from all sides to allow meaningful interaction from every side. Touch screens and digital screens help connect and integrate with the brand’s online channel in-terms of content of its offerings, services and brand communication.